Guillaume Potier’s Bio

Guillaume Potier, CTO of Wisembly and Solid

Guillaume was born and raised in the sunny south of France, in Nice. He liked mathematics, physics, skiing and computer programming. After graduating from French Baccalauréat with Honors, he did his Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Écoles in Paris at Lycée Saint Louis. He studied then at École des Mines de Saint Etienne computers, micro-electronics and embedded systems. He started to hack things on the Internet during his spare time, while drinking good wines, hand crafted beers and rare Scottish Single Malts (but not in an alcoholic way, more like a “connoisseur”, 100% true).

Upon graduating from Mines and after a short internship at Louis Vuitton, he decided to add a business layer on top of its technical knowledge cake and went to HEC, following the Mastère spécialisé Nouvelles Technologies (MNT) course.

He there met its actual co-founders and launched Wisembly (previously Balloon) with them by the end of its school year.

Wisembly is now, 6 years later, the French leader for enterprise collaborative meetings, with 35+ employees, more that 400 CAC-40, Fortune 500 and SMBs clients and thousands engaging meetings held across the world (from 2 to 10k attendees).
Solid launched 1,5 year ago and handle 5M+ daily productive meetings with 100k+ users and will release its Pro plans by the end of the year.

Guillaume is an open-source advocate, tech enthusiast, and implied in various tech/startup ecosystems, launched rejoignezunestartup (along with Drivy and CaptainTrain), speaks about tech during meetups/conferences (Blend web mix, The Family, PHP Tour, Symfony Live, etc..) and recently proud daphnipolitan.


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